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When Philippa opens the door of her High Street Northcote apartment, she greets me with a warm smile and a gentle jangle of silver bangles.

Inside, the air is thick with sage. After I remove my shoes, cursing that I didn’t make time for that pedicure, Philippa guides me through her airy, plant-filled apartment. She offers me some sunflower seeds to nibble on and invites me to sit on the ground with her so that we can both connect to the earth. And it’s herethat we begin our illuminating conversation. 

Why does your vagina need a Lovewands® Yoni Stone?

A Lovewands® Yoni Stone is an egg-shaped crystal that helps strengthen your vaginal floor. You use the vibrations of the crystal to restore vitality, heal trauma, and to really tone the vagina so you feel more confident and can enjoy steamier sex. All you need to do before you brush your teeth and go to read your Liane Moriarity in bed is pop your stone in for fifteen minutes and squeeze. And then don’t forget to take it out before you go to sleep.

Tell us about the Lovewands® packaging and distribution.

I’m a rising Taurus. I’m sensory. And, I’m a potter. So, what I do is I like to do is to create a nest, a personalised Lovewands® nest for the egg to sit in. As Lovewands® is a certified B-corporation, sustainability is really important. So, basically everything we do, every part of the Lovewands® packaging, you can tear off and set on fire. It smells like sandalwood. 

“She’d progressed from barely being able to hold in her stone while doing deep breathing to being able to now do a cartwheel and a cough and keep it in”

How do you source Lovewands® Yoni Stones? 

All my Lovewands® Yoni Stones are ethically sourced. The history of the Jade egg goes back through Chinese medicine and history. So, all of my stones, or eggs, come direct from China. Thanks to the power of connection, through the internet, I will get a picture of the eggs. And I use my Reiki to feel through the screen. I can pick up the energy through my palms. I can feel a balance of energy in the Lovewands® eggs I select. I’m lucky to have that skill. 

A moving moment. 

When I think about my ‘why’ it is to heal. The other day I had a customer share with me that she’d progressed from barely being able to hold in her stone while doing deep breathing to being able to now do a cartwheel and a cough and keep it in. When my Lovewands® customers share how Lovewands® has made a positive impact on their life I’m filled with a deep sense of purpose. 

What’s next for Lovewands®? 

I’d like to get into a Lovewands® Crystal Glove for the penis – to heal the penis. I feel that is also a sacred space. They’ve had a lot of attention, but they still need to be valued and held. 

Where to buy (and how much)? 

How much an egg costs depends on its weight. It’s like buying bananas. To get one, pop onto my website, follow me on Insta. Oh, and I’m about to launch my TikTok, too. 

The fast five

We dish out rapid-fire questions (and answers) for readers with short attention spans.  

  1. What does it mean to be a creator?
    It means power. 
  1. Favourite neighbourhood meal? 

I can’t go past the tofu pad thai at Hipster Thai on High. 

  1. Favourite artist and why?

    Robert Wilson. I mean it’s not so much art on the wall but Einstein on the beach. 
  1. Who are your creative influences? 

Yoko. And Kate Hudson in The Glass Onion. 

  1. What place inspires you most? 

My spiritual home is Dubbo. It’s isolating, but inspiring

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