How To Alleviate Anxiety With Aromas This R U Alright? Day


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A field of lavender bushes extend towards a horizon line.
I wanna lay you down on a bed of lavender. Upgrade your sleep quality with this drool-on-your-pillow inducing herb. Unsplash Image Credit: Antony Bec

It’s “R U Alright Day”, that one day of the year to lend an ear to the important people in your life. But if you’re feeling stressed, tight in the chest or generally hovering with anxiety, take today to check in with yourself – using your nose – with a whiff of these om-mazing aromas.


Feeling lower than your fave pair of low rise jeans? Bergamot has got you. Lift your mood from an Anxious Annie to a Happy Harriet with this zesty citrus scent. Ever gone into a day spa and wondered why it smelt so good? It’s probably this guy. Warning: may make you do cartwheels. 


Can’t leave your house because you’re frozen with fear? Or want to get outside for some forest bathing but don’t have the right shoes for bushwalking? For that instant home-among-the-gum-trees vibe, just add Eucalyptus.


More than the colour of your Grandma’s hair, this zen inducing aroma has been used since ancient times. Suffer from insomnia? Simply spray over your pillow and fall back into a dreamy field of lavender for a blissful night’s rest.


Want to relive that trip to Vietnam, but can’t afford the airfare? Simply sip lemongrass in tea. Or if you can’t afford the dentist either, simply chew on its root for instant oral relief. This wonder grass induces calm and fights bacteria. Bam! Take that pain and “I can’t afford a root canal right now” stress, Plus, you can work on your Bugs Bunny impersonation for your own entertainment.

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