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From Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, to Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott, to Brangelina, power couples have been leaving their mark on the world and evoking envy in our hearts for centuries.

 These dynamic duos are greater than the sum of their parts, successful in their own right while complimenting each other’s strengths and supporting each other’s individuality. With striking looks, stellar careers, and enviable love for one another, it’s no wonder we’re hopelessly invested in their relationships.

 But what many of us don’t realize is that power couples exist among us, hiding in plain sight. They sit at our favorite coffee shops, live in our apartment buildings, and walk the aisles of the local Woolies. Melbourne is home to some fabulous everyday power couples who inspire relationship envy all over town, and we’ve interviewed just a few of them here.

Tim and Candice

As Tim prepares Japanese Hibachi steak for dinner, Candice is nose deep in a book, hand on her pregnant stomach, with the couple’s rescue toy poodle gently licking her ankle.

 This is a typical weeknight for Melbourne’s inner-north royalty, who use their downtime to relax from their busy careers catering to the city’s coolest characters with their excellent style and food. Even a weeknight at home is had in style – you won’t see these two in tracksuit pants eating takeout from a plastic container anytime soon.

 “We met on a dating app, and we bonded over our shared love of great food and style. Or maybe Tim just wanted a lifetime of free haircuts,” Candice chuckles.

 “I thought I won you over with my culinary skills?” Tim replies.

 “Well, he does make a mean steak,” Candice admits, impressed by Tim’s skills over the Hibachi hot coals.

Candice owns the highly regarded Human Salon, a boutique hairdresser located in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. The salon, situated in Curtin House, is surrounded by some of the city’s hippest bars and restaurants, such as Cookie and Rooftop. The salon’s reputation and sustainable ethos attract clients ranging from local celebrities to the hipster elite. Candice is a frequent sight around the area with her toy poodle, Wookie, poking out of her carry bag or barking at men as they walk past the salon door.

“With a baby on the way, they might just become the trendiest trio in town”

Tim brings his own level of prestige to the relationship. After a decade of working as a hospitality industry leader, he became the Creative Director of an organization that uses innovative methods to elevate the hospitality industry. Tim also owns his own coffee brand, Stella, named after his grandmother; co-founded a coffee roasting business; and is the founder of the World Aeropress Championships, making him one of Melbourne’s top coffee connoisseurs.  

Hailing from the heart of Brunswick, this stylish duo is living the dream of many hipsters. And with a baby on the way, they might just become the trendiest trio in town.

Andrew and Teddy

Andrew and Teddy sit in their light-filled art deco flat in Elwood, a tranquil beachside suburb just south of Melbourne’s CBD. Andrew exudes the air of a creative arts doyen, dressed in a white linen shirt and round spectacles with his legs crossed. Teddy, beside him, appears effortlessly chic, draped in Hermes and sporting silky black hair that cascades perfectly over his right eye, as if he was curated by Andrew for his magnum opus – true love.

 “When we met, I really thought the age gap would be an issue but we just work somehow….as long as I don’t call Andrew “daddy” too often,” Teddy laughs wickedly. 

 Andrew rolls his eyes, trying to disguise a sly smile, “As long as you behave you mean.”

 Despite the almost 20 year age gap, this dashing duo have found a soulmate in each other. Andrew and Teddy have been together for five years and are often spotted at art and fashion events alongside Melbourne’s cultural elite. Their mutual respect for each other’s stylish careers is the glue that keeps them together, but what they enjoy most are the simple things – chatting over steaming Chinese hot pot, picking up steals at op shops and antique dealers, and taking road trips to the country.

As a cultural and not-for-profit developer, Andrew spends his days creating vital spaces and programs for artists and community. His work has secured a rich tapestry of community art projects and he is renowned for his ability to connect new ideas and community projects with the people and organisations that can see them thrive.

“They’re often spotted at art and fashion events alongside Melbourne’s cultural elite”

 As Andrew mingles with Melbourne’s art aficionados, Teddy is occupied dressing the city’s elite in designer threads. Having worked most recently for Louis Vuitton, Teddy’s passion for fashion has taken him to some of the most highly regarded designer brands. In the Paris end of Collins St, it’s not uncommon to spot many a fashionista, or even political leader, decked out in Teddy’s creations.

 “Designer statement pieces can’t just be worn, they must be styled,” he explains with a wink.

Jessie and Micah

This courageous couple are showing the world that true love can be sustainable. Both fierce environmental warriors, Jessie and Micah have dedicated their careers to addressing climate change and protecting the natural world.

 Parents to five children, yes five! (four are from Micah’s previous marriage), their two storey home is nestled next to Merri Creek bushland. From the balcony, you can almost pretend you’re in the bush, especially when the resident kookaburras come to visit. Colourful local and Aboriginal art lines their walls, along with abstract artworks penned by their talented four-year-old daughter, Billie.

“They are busy planning a colourful wedding that will make this lean, green power couple machine, officially sustainable”

 They might sound a little serious, but there’s nothing straight about this kooky coupling. Firing off puns like the climate depends on it, it’s hard to keep up with the witty banter of these two.

 “I’d like our origin story to be a little more glamorous but I’m pretty sure we started flirting over the photocopier when we used to work together,” Jessie laughs.

 “Everyone who knows us would say it was the puns that sealed the deal,” Micah chuckles.

 Alongside the puns, it’s clear their values align, and they share a deep respect for each other’s contribution to the environment movement.

 Jessie is a skilled writer and creative who channels her artistic flair to champion environmental causes. Currently, she’s at the helm of an engagement team dedicated to protecting nature and wildlife in Victoria. As we speak, she’s deftly hand-drawing a sugar glider, which will feature in a forthcoming digital campaign aimed at safeguarding habitat for these endangered native possums.

 Micah matches Jessie’s creative skills with his passion for raising vital funds to help solve climate change. He is instantly likeable, cheeky and funny but with enough earnestness to take him seriously. Perhaps that’s why he’s so successful at convincing wealthy Australians to invest large sums in the not-for-profit organisation he works for that advocates for policies and solutions to address the climate crisis.

The couple are getting married in a few months and are busy planning a colourful wedding that will make this lean, green power couple machine, officially sustainable.

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