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Woman enjoying the sea at dusk in a place that isn’t likely to be North Korea for once. 
Woman enjoying the sea at dusk in a place that isn’t likely to be North Korea for once. 

When you think of countries with idyllic sandy beaches filled with attractive locals you probably think of countries such as Brazil, Cuba, or Spain. But, there’s a country making a lot of noise in Asia that is demanding our attention — not just for its stunning scenery, but also for its very sexy beaches. 

We’re of course talking about North Korea. 

We invite you to dive deeper into this often forgotten country snuggled between the three global superpowers of China, South Korea, and Japan.

Ranking North Korea’s Sexiest Beaches

Summer in North Korea is synonymous with beautiful beaches bustling with beachgoers playing volleyball, eating BBQs, and even singing Karaoke love songs. But we’re not just looking for the obvious tourist beaches in North Korea, we’re looking to discover the sexier side of the northern peninsula.

Pro travel tip: We recommend visiting North Korea’s Sexiest Beaches in the summer as the weather is hotter than in the winter, autumn and spring due to its geographical location of 40.3399° N, 127.5101° E.

1. Wonsan on Wonsan Island. 

Wonsan on Wonsan Island is the main gateway to the east coast and is one of the world’s most pristine beaches. Wonsan beach is one of the largest white sand beaches in the country which means there’s plenty of room to enjoy the gorgeous sand and clear ocean without the 100,000 tourists the government says visits every day. 

If you’re travelling with a government tour guide, this is where they will take time to relax and you’ll be permitted to wander the picture-perfect beach on your own. Take the time to watch a game of volleyball and don’t be surprised if the young and athletic players ask you to join their scantily-clad team. Perhaps you’ll be invited for an ice-cold soju at a beach party or meet North Korea’s great friend Dennis Rodman signing autographs on his sunbed meeting fans. 

The opportunities to mingle with other fun-loving singles are all around on Wonsan Beach.

Wonsan is located 150 kilometres from Pyongyang, 85 kilometres from Mount Kumgang and 180 kilometres from Seoul.

2. Sijung-ho

Just seconds away from the Sijungho Pleasure Ground the park and the Sijungho War Veterans Sanatorium is Sijungho. Sijungho beach is a beautiful stretch of golden sand and is a worthy addition to North Korea’s Sexiest Beaches. 

Once you’ve strolled to your small patch of paradise and laid down your towel, let the sounds of the ocean or the tranquil music of yoga instructors relax your mind. As temperatures rise, the calm East Sea beckons you to take a dip with its tepid temperature. 

Friendly patrols may greet beachgoers and encourage you to de-robe to allow you to enjoy the beach as nature intended. 

Getting to Sijungho could not be easier, it’s a very relaxing and picturesque drive along the AH6 Wonsan-Kumgangsan Motorway. 

3. South Hamgyong Beach

South Hamgyong Beach greets sun worshipers and privacy-seekers with a stunning, pearly-white coastline. Few foreigners venture this far up the North Korean coastline so you’re unlikely to meet anyone other than locals on your journey for an authentic beach experience. 

It can be difficult to reach South Hamgyong so the best way is via tourist vehicles known as ‘Jeeps’. These are open topped cars that always play loud, trance-like beats for safety and offer cups of sugar water to keep people entertained and hydrated on the long journey from one place to another.

Jeeps travel along the coastline and even drive along the beach – a must-do experience! All while the driver points out different fish, crabs, seaweed and shells to other intrepid and intriguing foreigners.

Summer in North Korea brings about some of the world’s sexiest beaches. Because of how good these sites are, it’s unfortunate that so few people get a chance to see them directly themselves. We hope you rediscover your adventurous spirit and get to stroll seductively along some of North Korea’s sexiest beaches. 

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