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The Monologue team have tried and tested some of this month’s hottest new beauty and wellbeing products so you can skip straight to the best-in-class.  From the Yoni Stone (yes, you need one!) to Super Thrush to the GOAT Gua Sha Face Sculptor, we’re currently obsessing over them all. And, so will you – promise. Here’s a quick look at the genuinely magical products we’re absolutely loving this hot minute.*


Yeast. We fell back in love with it during lockdown. But – aside from being a crucial ingredient in your at-once chewy and crispy home-baked sourdough – like AI gone rogue, yeast can runaway, multiply, and cause general goopy havoc. And, in case you haven’t twigged, I’m not talking about the yeast you find in your panty. I’m talking about candida albicans, a yeast you find in your vaginal microflora which needs to stay in balance but often gets out of whack.

Enter Super Thrush, the anti-fungal cream for women-on-the-go. I don’t know exactly what a ‘woman-on-the-go’ is, but I’m pretty sure that as an accomplished essayist, I’m one of them. What I do know for sure is that thrush is super common, no one should feel ashamed about it, and this stuff extinguishes heat and itching in a flash. Plus, it smells better than an Aesop store. Super Thrush is now a bathroom cabinet staple.

Lovewands Yoni Stone

After using the Yoni Stone for just five days I already feel stronger ‘down there’. (When I went to put my tampon in this morning my vagina practically clamped on it and lifted it in there itself.) And I feel powerful, not just inside my vaginal walls but inside my mind, too. My physical strength is making me feel more capable, confident and sexier than ever. If you’re a man, this is a warning not to make eye contact with me – because apparently, I give men erections just by looking at them right now. If that’s not female empowerment, I don’t know what is. Ladies – do make sure you read the usage instructions carefully with this one. You don’t want to overuse it.

Gua Sha Face Sculptor

Sick of waking up feeling tired and puffy? I have added the newest addition to the ever-growing skincare craze is just what you need, and you should too! The Gua Sha is a facial tool designed to sculpt and tighten your skin whilst simultaneously stimulating blood circulation, releasing tension and promoting lymphatic drainage. The trending tool works to relieve any uncomfortable inflammation and puffiness in your face, especially on those rough mornings. Like many on this bandwagon, I store my Gua Sha in the refrigerator to give it that extra cooling and calming effect and I can honestly say my skin has never felt so firm and sculpted. To all the skincare and beauty buffs out there, this gemstone-made facial tool is the ultimate natural and calming way to de-puff and sculpt your skin and is certain to be a true game changer to your skincare routine.

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